Rusted Souls

With a cup of coffee on the table,
My fingers traced the fine note, 
The one of last, you had ever written -
Ever since you left, to be with somebody better.
My heart still races at the thought of you,
I wish, fading away was harder -
But darling, I never knew you mastered it;
In these distressed times, I still search
For memories, not so forgettable.
There it goes, and I feel your silhouette surround me -
I am drowning, in an ocean of insanity -
For if life gave me a second chance :
Maybe I would wish for you and all the rush and adrenaline,
And if I turn the sand clock upside down
Will still, there be no trace of you?
Sleepless nights, the cigarette's weighted smoke,
The lights, the long drives -
Tracing your delicate soul ;
I still leap up everytime I pass through the antique shop where you kissed me.
You sequinned my universe with the brightest stars -
And now they burn so dim ;
The quarrels, the fights and the tears -
I still sit to question myself ;
Whether it was the fault of you or me or destiny.
There are things I wanna say and reveal -
I feel like a betrayed lover with no place to hide or escape.
I step back, to see you smile. How could you manage to still build my broken pieces up?
I'm buried, come save me if you could.
Maybe one day you will realize
that we weren't wasted,
Or dwelling like phantoms of two rusted souls.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Breakup'


  • I love how you ended the poem !!!!

    Pavithra Prabhu
  • Dude, You’re rocking it. Go on!!!


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