Arafo Daher

It's the art of thinking, upon acts others did without others actually doing them.

It's all the little words we thought we could ignore,
The mistakes we thought we forgave,
The fights we thought we had moved on,
But mostly,
It's a thought.
A thought we ignite, from a doubt in our hearts, a hate ignored for a long time, a grudge deeply anchored.
It's a thought.

What is it?

What is it that I hate in you, overwhelming me,
I couldn't forgive you
Instead I think, overthink, to overreact.
Day and night I keep the flow, I can't stop what I started,

I know
it's me
You were the trigger
But truly I am the machine.

Think, what should I do,
Think, what if I leave you,
Think, will I forget you,
Think, will you forget me?
Think, and if it never stops,
Think, how do I blame on you,
The hate inside of me,
Think, for now, all I can do is think, think, think.

Maybe, I am the one I should let go.

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