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Ropes, Belts and Love

Sonal Gupta

Tied up in nylon ropes, frayed at the ends

The weary leather belt touches my thigh

Memories of pain numb my mind

I gasp, waiting, splayed across the bed

like a canvas, untouched, blank.

The smoke from your cigarettes

Sinks the room in a blanket of haziness

Your eyes meet mine and I almost smile,

Instead, I blush the colour of the pink lingerie

Flung across the room,

Mocking my nakedness from afar.

Your fingers torment my flesh,

Like a sculptor upon a lump of clay,

Moulding me into shapes,

that perfectly fit the hollows of your hand.

Your teeth sink into my flesh,

Marking bloody patterns on my neck.

A whimper escapes my lips,

only to be silenced, by your fingertips.

The belt cracks through the air,

I wait for the sting that never comes,

Instead, you fill me up, like a vessel left out in rain,





  • Very well written Sonal. I love the line ‘instead, you fill me up, like a vessel left out in the rain’. Lovely stuff! Keep at it… Cheers

    Raj Lal
  • So poignant and beautiful ?

  • Beyond beautiful, piercing

  • Wow. This left me spellbound. Your words have power and grace which is amazing!

  • Woah! I’d love to read more of your stuff ❤️

    Laeba Haider
  • Keep writing and let the world know the power you have in your hands.

    srishti bhagat
  • Oh holy hell! This is something dark and bold. I loved it!!


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