Those invisible eyes stare;
Thy eyes do not discern!
They see the large graveyard -
The green mother that feeds and feeds upon.

Wedded to black: the lonely girl
Treasured a little secret.
Longed to see what only the gods knew;
Like Faust, thirsty for the mystical.

Hurled a thorn into her eyes,
Blinded herself for a rebirth!
Like for Oedipus, blindness reveals truth
All that is seen is deceit, folly.

Saw those invisible eyes that stared
Men that died but did not leave.
Souls of a hundred births - wailing -
That built another world in ours.

She, now, the worshipper of them all -
Vowed for a wild justice against the living.
Waged war against the sons of angels.
For every man is an angel until he falls!

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