Reviving Her Hope...

Archisha Vedha

The hazy sky with it's twinkling lamp,
With the clouds raining her tears;
The earth all moist and damp,
Along with her anxiety and fear.
Her face studded with bruises,
Her hair ripped apart;
And faced with all the brutal abuses,
Her world suddenly seemed to part.
With her aching body and a drop of courage,
She took a frail step forward;
Fearing another mortal haemorrhage,
And her hopes and heart slaughtered.
And as she cried, as she bled,
Among her despair and gloom;
A divine hand stretched ahead,
Reviving in her, life, a second bloom.
The heartbreak she faced,
The faith she lost in humanity;
All were restored,
By a benign person's sanity.
This was not a fable, nor a tale,
It was the infamous truth of time;
It was a cry of helplessness and ail,
And a laughter yet to chime.


  • Hey little poetess , do u know u r a blessed soul. You have the power to express pen tears and laughs, sorrows and joys. Miles to go my darling. Its just a begining. Love , wishes and blessing for you.

  • Thank you everyone! Your comments truly mean a lot to me! Thanks a lot for the kind and encouraging words.

    Archisha Vedha
  • Amazingly done! Reading it was an absolute delight!!

  • Great writeup at this age. Keep publishing more and more. U’ve raised the bar for your definitely. Next target is to publish in an international magazine.

    Tushar Mishra
  • Such empathy at this age is so hard to find..keep up the good work..we need such bright, talented and pure hearts in the world..always remain the good soul that you are..
    Lots of love & good luck..maami😘

    Saloni Jha
  • In such a small age she has written such a meaningful poem, Keep writing dear Tia god bless…

  • Very powerful message with good verbiage. in all, a touching & inspiring poetry . Well done Archi !!

    Vikas Malaiya
  • कविता दिल दिमाग पर छा गया। इसकी लेखनी उचाईयों की ओर है।

    मीना झा
  • Very emotional and heart touching poem at this tender age. Well done beta. You can touch the sky as already having wings of courage to fly.

    Suniti rai
  • Very emotional and heart touching poem at this tender age. Well done beta. You can touch the sky as already having wings of courage to fly.

    Suniti rai
  • An absolute delight to read. Keep writing. Sky is the limit 😀

    Atul Mishra
  • Just amazing… God bless you bachha

    Sujata Mishra
  • Very nice

    Sneha ki rasoi
  • Amazing piece of poetry for someone so young !This is just the first steps you have taken on the ladder of success which is touching the sky !

    Dr Reeta Prakash
  • Unbelievable…such a small girl …can she have such a heartfelt thoughts which has come in her pen..again unbelievable…
    Hats off beta…keep it up

    P Chandra Soni
  • Hi dear , very good this quality you got from ur granny love

    Neelam Bagaria
  • Very well said with a good though for courage and humanities. Framing of words in emotions is with good flow. Keep it up beta.

    Manjusha Bhaskarwar
  • Archisha, U r wonderful blooming poetess, U wl Rock one day , keep it up my dear daughter .

    Mamta singh amrit
  • Amazing depth of thought for one so young

  • A true reflection of the sentiments…proud of you…keep it up

    Mrs Veena Mishra
  • This is so pure, straight comes from the soul and touches your true human sense.
    Brilliant piece of poetry with amazing choice of words portraying emotions and sensitivity.
    Way to go Tia.
    Look forward to a book of all compilation from you.
    Congratulations and God Bless !

    P C Jha
  • Shabdo ki anokhi jaadugari hai is kavita mein jo bade acche se bhaav spasht kar rhi h. Bhut bhut subhkamna aur aashirwad. God bless you Tia !!

    Pragya jha
  • Very nice poem….Keep it up !!

    Shivani jha
  • Well done young poetess ! Keep writing…god bless !!

    Bijay Manjul
  • Nice poem. Keep writing more

    Ashutosh jha
  • It’s amazing ….keep it up👍

  • Well done. Very nice poem.

  • Very well written..god bless you Tia…

  • An excellent poem beta… well done…god bless…. very deep and intense… touched…..continue the good work…stay blessed….

  • Wonderful poem. Continue your talent

  • Archisha….A Pen is mighter than sword!! So keep writing….Miles to go ahead in your life..lots of love nd good wishes..Your Papa!!

  • Difficult to believe the maturity of thoughts.
    My compliments and Kudos to you and your way of thinking.
    To your parents….Groom her well and give her the liberty of shaping herself

    Dr Pradeep Ganatra
  • Very well depiction of empathy through poetry ! Dear archisha, may god bless you and you continue to inspire everyone around you with your knack of formulaying your feelings into poetic expressions!

    Sulekha jha
  • Congratulations ! well done !! beautifully written poem !! keep it up !!! Wish you many achievements and awards in life ! dear Archisha

    Dr K J Parekh


  • Rolly your daughter…
    What a wonderful person she has turned out to be.Her words touch your heart & brings out the essence of life….never to give up….never loose hope. Well done…..hope to meet you someday

    Dr.Anand Mishra
  • Excellent

    Dr neel kanth
  • Wonderful stuff, great future ahead.

    Ashok Beckaya
  • Powerful and heartfelt words…just magical, straight from the soul…keep it up

    Dr A K Mishra
  • Very nicely written!!!

  • Beautiful poem with deep thought and message……

    Amit Veer
  • Wow!! This is definitely one of the most articulate pieces of poetry that I have ever read! Proud of you for penning down for a cause. Keep it up and wish you the best in the future!

  • Beautiful

    Shweta Singh
  • *Beautiful articulation of emotions..Well done.

  • Beautifully articulation of emotions…Well done!

  • Wisely chosen words can leave everlasting impact…… Beautiful
    Keep ot up

    Monika Aggarwal
  • Such beautiful use of words….when written so perfectly….make you feel each verse !!! Well done dear…

    Pragati Jha
  • Beautiful poem. Really mesmerizing!

    Ritu Joshi
  • Very nice poem Archisha.. keep it up beta👍🏼

    Ritu chopra

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