Reviving Her Hope...

Archisha Vedha

The hazy sky with it's twinkling lamp,
With the clouds raining her tears;
The earth all moist and damp,
Along with her anxiety and fear.
Her face studded with bruises,
Her hair ripped apart;
And faced with all the brutal abuses,
Her world suddenly seemed to part.
With her aching body and a drop of courage,
She took a frail step forward;
Fearing another mortal haemorrhage,
And her hopes and heart slaughtered.
And as she cried, as she bled,
Among her despair and gloom;
A divine hand stretched ahead,
Reviving in her, life, a second bloom.
The heartbreak she faced,
The faith she lost in humanity;
All were restored,
By a benign person's sanity.
This was not a fable, nor a tale,
It was the infamous truth of time;
It was a cry of helplessness and ail,
And a laughter yet to chime.


  • Weldone , Very nicely written ! Keep it up 👌👌

    Nisha jha

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