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Surya Pratap Singh

Rubbing against the neck line, 
My hands slipped up into her hair, 
Then with the other I clenched her fist, 
As against the cold floor we layered, 
Slipping up and down her lips, 
I bit them and pulled them breathing warm, 
Then around her sweating neck, 
Flickered and rippled my tongue a throng, 
Streaming down her longing chest, 
I fell for her curvy hips, 
But my tongue it swirled upon the belly, 
Before between the thighs it dipped. 


  • Thank you violet

    Surya Pratap Singh
  • Good one bro.

  • thank you so much:)

    Surya Pratap Singh
  • That’s so simple yet delicious. Way to go!


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