Red Saree

Red is the colour of devil
Red radiated hatred
It's the facial colour of furious people
This was what I believed
Until I met Mumma's red saree
The nine year old me was never fond of red
But this red saree had a whole different effect on me
Mumma resembled as that of a goddess in this red saree
It fascinated me
And unknowingly..I was drawn to it
Everyday I'd open the almirah and stand still admiring the patterns in it
There was a glint in my eyes
I've always wished to have it..
Touch it..
Feel it..
And maybe wear it too..
But never did I get a chance
Years later, at 35, I own it
I inherited this along with so many other sarees of Mumma
The memories flood back
But there's neither the spark within me nor my goddess
All I'm left is..with the same old red saree..
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianness'


  • Wholesome and beautiful. Keep it up Aarthika!

    Adrian Lyngwa
  • Its really amazing! Please keep it up 🤗

    Ashi bansal
  • Awesome


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