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Kajolee Rahate

Red ,

Like avidity she wore ,

 As if hades himself with his cold blooded hands ,

Painted her with grave enthusiasm and more , 

Or as if Euros  choosing the finest roses of his kingdom,

Inked her with silent adoration .


While she stood there ,

Admiring the beauty of her dress ,

The mirror turned to shards ,

by the deities themselves.


She sits on the cantilever of her agony ,

As her own blood vanishes in the beauty of her dress ,

For love , her mind wanders to places ,

Love for even those who were at rest .


Listening to the magic of midnight ,

She wonders if she might escape for a Little sometime ,

While hades couldn’t do anything but watched her with heartache, 

Euros gave her wings ,

Bright as the sunlight for her sake ,

She flew away in that midnight as far as her mind could take , 

From lush green forests ,

To mermaid laden sees ,

Whatever she descry ,

Gave her pure bliss . 


As last she came back to her place ,

The black orchid garden which depicted her strength ,

Contracting lay her dress Scarlet laden , 

Which made her beguiling , 

In that utter darkness .


  • Mesmerizing!!!

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    Vaishnavi Jankar
  • Awsmm writing💗

  • Wow loved this one❤❤

    Mukta Kasture
  • Amazing.. well written

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    Izuku Midoriya
  • Amazingly written🤩❤🤩

  • Noicee..🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    Adesh Mote

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