By Sandeep Bhalla

I was wondering last night, clinching to my quilt 

The moments me and my lady had spent together 

I turned the pages of our lives, the moments all alone.


Back then this quilt was witness to the happiness and the joy we had

The beautiful time, the nonchalant silence we shared

But now I was all alone in my quilt


It was also witness to the pain, the petty wishes and the complaints,

I could not share with her, lest she be begone

Those were silently heard Only by the blue quilt

Whilst she unknowingly wiped off my tears and tried to comfort me to sleep

I kept wondering and thinking about that person who should be right here with me


The essence, the glory of the nostalgia was swept away by the thunderous winds that came last night

It could’ve swept me away too 

but I held on to her, my quilt

I kept reminiscing 

I kept holding on to the memories she was witness to too


She made me realise that loneliness in this age is cured by things such as her at times.

She said something to me when the sky got clear last night,

“Be happy, keep smiling 

If you’ve no one, 

at least

at least you’ve me.”


Note - The essence of being alone is cured by materialistic things such as quilt, shows today’s generation’s emotional vulnerability.




  • You have pictured lonliness gallantly… Very well done.. Congrats!

    Souberi Chakraborty
  • Sandy that’s awesom bro keep up the good work ❤️❤️ But who was that girl ?

    Aditya bedi
  • It’s amazing to read your poem.
    All the very best for your future.
    Be a successful person.
    From your junior and your housemate:Tanuj Vaid☺️☺️

    Tanuj Vaid
  • hiii…awesome

    premchand thakur
  • Amazing poem :) Those last lines did all the wonders. Congrats!

  • It’s beautiful the way you’ve captured the snapchat generation!

    Ananya Mishra

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