Soumya Agarwal

I walk on a path
Routine unending
Leading to another
I walk
The impermanence of these paths
The endlessness it seems
Unexplained something
Keeps me going.
This factor unknown and unexplored
Makes me question
The realms of existence
Make me stand in middle of a dilemma
To question or not
My song
To ask myself the question of
Who am I?
Clouded it seems but I look around
People walking beside me
I look for an answer
They explain my existence with lables
Lables of those fables
Which are found in history
My name by family
Calls for a legacy
The society labels my habits
Different from others all the same
This legacy calls a girl for
Her femininity
Her skin for its colour
Her body for its imperfections
Her heart for its choices
Her soul for its freedom
Her voice for silence.
Binding her in barriers
Chaining her in notions

But as I walk further
The cloudiness begins to disappear
Fading away
As I awaken
As I break those chains
I find myself
Happy and looking at me
Waiting for me to come to her
The real me
My true identity looks at me
Tells me
I am what I want to be
Not that legacy.

The mundane world
Scares away
At the thought
Of a colourful me.

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