By Mridugunjan Deka 

Are you standing there in the dark? 
I think you have outshone the dark dressed in black itself. 
You said you were biding your time at the feet of a rainbow. 
Funnily, maybe,  
I had merely imagined you sitting there. 
Pretending to catch behind you 
The sparks of life 
You had squandered 
You ran from one story to another. 
I was happy being the man 
Who was the collector 
Of endless whispers. 
We are waiting for the same boat, 
This I tell myself 
And let believe myself 
Drawing the scene 
In the mind's eye 
And heart's folly
On the other side 
Of you 
Upon a coal mountain 
Across an inked river. 


  • Beautiful and apt?

    Shivani Garg
  • Beautiful poem and surreal ending. Loved it!


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