Divyam Kumar

The new born glider

Wants to fly higher

But she fears

If she can’t then

her mother will be in tears


She always prays

Oh god! Make Me fly

So, that I can measure

The length of sky

But she doesn’t know that

Her one try can make her fly


One day, she courage and dives

Giving shock to everyone’s eyes

But, she dashes with ground

And her mother praises

For breaking her bounds


After a month she revives

And courage again to try

Now, the world startles

Because she was flying deep in sky

Crossing all the plight


  • Superb. Touched.

    Narendera Kumar
  • Inspiring. Touched the heart at right places.

    Ayesha M. Hashmi
  • It’s really delightful to embrace the inspiring lines.thnku. all the best for future

  • I loved your poem, and u will also fly above in air one day..

  • The best part of the poem is the last para which will inspires me and I hope will inspire you also.

    Divyam Kumar

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