Present hour's need

Apoorv Purandare

Not sure wether neighborhood friend is alive ,
But pretty much sure of celebrity Facebook Live,
such is the state that don't know what's next but know what's in universe sublime.

addicted to the phone and hooked to it's screen,
uploading happy pictures and suppressing mindful scream,
state of despair but on media showcasing life of dream.

No time for family on dining table,
No time for son awaiting to hear Aesop's fable,
But on Instagram feed " my son the best" is a pictured label.

A celebrity death stirs up the topic of having a conversation,
meanwhile in reality it has been days since your family group discussion,
How Ironic has life become indulged on social media showcase but in reality self destruction.

vacation spent in collecting pictures ,
Forgot what was written on historic destination and it's scriptures,
such deadly has the world become to itself by social media addiction's,

Let go off this unscrupulous greed ,
Let go off to show everything perfect in your media feed,
Embrace the worst in reality my friend cause that's what is present hours need.

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