Phantom Limbs

Manya Arora 

My veteran heart 

Went to war 

For the country 

That you are

A country I wasn’t born in 

Or spoke the language of 

My veteran heart 

Risked it all

To ensure your safety 

My veteran heart 

Not only endangered itself 

But this body 

I keep it in 

My veteran heart 

Still sometimes feel 

As though it hasn’t 

Lost all its limbs 

And reach out 

For you 

In the dark 

God bless my veteran heart


  • Absolute Masterpiece

    Aryan Jalali
  • Wow! It’s amazing how such few words can speak so much. Please write more

  • Oh the lyrics that flow like streams down a mountain. The warmth and familiarity in the words is uncanny. Hats off!!

    Aarush Deora
  • Short, sweet and crisp, I even love the title! Please check out my blog it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • “My veteran heart

    Went to war

    For the country

    That you are"


  • Nice one and inspiring

    Vijay Dua

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