Personal Experience with Nature

As the sunlight glides 
Down the steps, the red
Aster in my backyard stands 
Facing towards the waxy 
Brown, dusty wall,
With the day merging different 
Shades of yellow, the half
Faded bougainvilleas 
Embracing the soil,  I turn 
My feet homewards,
One day my body
Will travel from 
'Perishable' to 
'Perished', I'll return
To where I came
From,  new dust 
Merging into the 
Old, learning again
How to accept, allow,
Forgive and nurture. 
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • Wow, very well written.

  • Soulful and glittering

    Aarush Deora
  • The details of the sunset and the way the scene is linked to a mortal’s death is brilliant!

    Chandana Ravichand
  • Brilliant work of art

  • One day my body will travel from Perishable to Perished…what a line…amazing

    Shruti Garg

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