Perpetual love

By Aarushi Singh

When will you understand,
How important you are.
Your permanent place
Is my head and heart.
Day dreaming or hallucinations
Staring at the photo for hours.

When will you understand,
Every second you are away,
These feelings slay.
Inside me a big affray.
But heart says,
Loving you is the only way.

When will you understand,
How perfect you are,
Your one smile
And my problems go far.
A knight in shining Armour.
For you I can fight a war.

When will you understand,
This love for you is perpetual.
Such an aristocrat,
Making me habitual.
Not a one like you,
A reason to wish to bound to you with rituals.


  • Lovely poetry Aarushi! ❤❤❤❤ A brilliant illustration of feelings ??

    Avisha Arora
  • Thanks Arzoo❣️❣️

  • Thank you Ankita ❤️

  • Great work Arushi..keep it up?

  • heart touching<3<3

  • Thank you Prerna❤️❤️

  • Thank you so much Rishabh ❣️

  • What a poetry aarushi ….
    True feelings of love are shown by this

    Rishabh verma
  • Its Beautiful. ??

    Prerna Singh

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