Jasleen Kaur Bassi

Don’t call me a flower, I may wither with time
Don’t call me sun, I may blind you with my shine
Don’t call me moon, I may vanish for a day
Don’t call me tree, I may be cut down during your stay.

Make me your air, to be there always with you.
Silent reason of your existence, lightly touching as a dew.
See me as a star, twinkling high up, but in view
Coming to see you every day, though parted from you
Call me your sky, for my love is boundless
Bearing sun in your troubles and rains in your happiness.

My love for you is PERMANENCE
Come days, years or centuries
Walking along with you at all times
Life in here and in after lives. 


  • One of the best poems I have read so far…aptly named…captures the true essence of love…god bless the young poetess and her love!

  • Great poem. Forms a great rhyme and each sentence holds such deep meaning.

    Deepkaran Singh
  • Very gently placed words; rhythmic, a romance with the elements.

  • Amazing

  • Lovely poem just can’t get enough of it……

    Shiney Dogra
  • Beautiful lines! The poem finds its way into the hearts of the readers. The ryhme is maintained too.

    Parvathy Vivek

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