Pen: Has Changed My Life


By  Ricky Kmenlang Mawlong


Shy and simple boy was I,

Silent and who don't socialise,

A kind of introvert soul,

Whether at home or at school.

Stage fear was in my veins,

I never enjoy to entertain,

Being quite was not so easy,

I need to do something to be better me . 

One rainy day as I was sitting,

A paper and a pen in hand I was holding,

The thoughts pushed me something to scribe,

The pen assisted me to write.

I may have lots of friends,

No one is loyal like the pen,

Many cheerful moments I had,

Pen helped me not to be sad. 

He changed my life gradually,

He helped to be fully me,

Many pens in my desk are there,

I just pick one when I need a care . 

I let go all the old me,

From being sad to being happy, 

Sometime I scribed with tears,

From being shy , all to stage fear.

Whenever I can't control over ,

Pen was there to give me power,

From the day I began to write,

Pen changed my dark night to white . 

Thank you my dear pen ,

You'll be my dear best friend. 

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'


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  • Woooaw sir its amazing. Just love it💖

    Habasuk nongsiej

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