Peace; my kinda love

By Alisha Bardai

My guard was up, 
When you knocked my door.
But darling, from you,
I could hide no more.
With time your scent got mixed in my veins, 
And my mind no more had control,
It knew, it's always been you,
Who keeps talking to my soul.
I learnt it's okay to ache,
from the time we've been us,
Also that, it's okay to be hurt.
Because sometimes there's peace even in chaos.
And darling, for the first time in years,
I felt no fright.
Falling in love with you,
Just felt right.


  • This is amazingly beautiful❤
    Keep up the great work!

    sneha gilani
  • I have following you on instagram. And I can say that I am profoundly inspired by your way of expressing. Keep writing. All the best for your future.

    Soumik Sarkar
  • Your poems are always thoughtful. Loved this one the most ??

    Fatima veerani
  • Beautiful ??

  • one of your best ones till now :) Well written.

    Zainil Dhamani
  • This is so beautiful ❤

    Shifali Gulati
  • Beautiful ❤️

  • WOW Alisha! <3 <3 Very thoughtful! Thats interestingly, VERY INTENSE, yet S U B T L E.

    Harshini Janagari
  • The outstanding imagery in this romantic love poem is enhanced by your poetic choice of heavenly metaphors blended with the rhythm flowing from your heart. In other words I love it ❤️

    Sameer Hussain
  • Alisha, you are a fountain of sweet thoughts! Stay blessed!!

  • Beautiful as always….keep it up :)

    Sahil Nathani
  • This is very cute!❤️

  • That’s awesome alisha… one of the best poem of yours .. looking forward for your next poem!

  • Super


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