By Mouli Khulbe
Piece by piece,
My mind snatched my own peace,
The turmoil isn't grave to the worldly eyes,
It's all in your head, they all cry.
Of course I know,
That my mind is going insane.
Of course i accept,
That it's me who is to be blamed.
But you see anxiety doesn't go by blaming oneself,
Depression is a creeper,
And it drains your mental health.
You feel like a cheater,
Destroying your own happiness.
Engulfing yourself in a cloud of stress.
And yes noone can save you but yourself,
But a little love and some help,
Pushes one to travel that extra length.
So next time you say,
That you are the one snatching your own peace,
Just remember, that they are trying their best,
So just tell them few kind words,
Some encouragement and some love,
Most of all don't let them blame themselves,
Cause that way they'll forever be the slaves,
Of the deadly anxiety and depression.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Peace'

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  • Beautifully penned..!

    Chandan K. Chakraborty

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