Paranoid Promises

By  Anurima Mukherjee
I turned around and glimpsed at the mirror -
Wondering how things will succeed this year ;
And even as I was lost deep in my thoughts -
A flashback sprang up, with all possible people I'd meet.
Maybe it's my conscience that takes me on these tracks;
Looking at my reflection, so frail -
Tried so hard to cope up and communicate with ;
But could never fit in with them.
While this New Year approaches with new dreams -
Resolutions and wishes ;
All I resolve is to trust true people -
Who interpret emotions when my psychology is in manifold.
Constant toxicity has made me tired -
Frustrated, shaken by these liars ;
And to follow my heart, from now on -
I'm never going to trust people who lead me to the wrong.
I've repeated these mistakes, countless times -
And now, I know, whom to count on, to survive ;
I got to break the chain of criticism that those people showered on me -
For paranoid promises can never bestow the bittersweet reality.

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