One Fantasy Walk

Anisha Suri

Down the street...
You and me.
No, not holding hands,
Just walking side by side,
But close enough for the air to keep wondering.
Moonlight filtered by the trees,
Lighting up our dreamy faces.
No, we don't have pretty faces to flaunt,
But, we do have a pretty heart that feels.
No, not directly looking into the eyes,
Just glancing each other from the sides.
Footsteps matched beyond perfection,
Walking at just the right pace.
No blabbering, just gentle whispers,
Listening to each other,
Two worlds different, yet walking together,
Moments of silence arising now and then,
Hearing the silence, we fall out of words, when.
I call it a blissful state.
I call it one beautiful fate.
The street has no end, neither does the walk.
The moonlight does not vanish, neither does the talk.
And I call it one fantasy walk.


  • Thank you for your kind appreciations dearest Vandana ma’am!! :)

    Anisha Suri
  • Such a lovely depiction of those beautiful moments… It couldn’t be better than this.

    Vandana Adwani
  • Dearest Anita Suri, thank you !!

  • Beautiful poem.Readers may like to experience such a walk.

    Anita Suri

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