Oh Depression!

Sharon Varghese


Oh! depression,
Take a break,
Let me breathe,
Let me stand for a while,
Can't fight the battle in my head,
I am tired,
You've turned me black and blue.

Don't you feel any mercy, oh depression?

You stole the charm of my face,
My eyes now hide under the circles I was running away from ,
My body's neurons no more responds,
Once excited and brilliant me,
Now nothing ignites the kid in me.

Don't you feel any mercy, oh depression?

Look at me,
How I shrink day by day,
I feel pleasure in the blood that oozes out of my veins,
Than gazing at the birds building their nests.
Haven't met any moving body since u barged in,
You tore the smile that was once glued,
I feel grey,
I see grey,
I breathe grey.

Don't you feel any mercy, oh depression?

My feelings and emotions are no longer fed,
I see no one to feed,
Stuck inside four walls and an empty bed,
All I can do is stare at the blank space,
Projecting bitter memories of my long gone days.

Now I feel nothing.

Don't you feel any mercy, oh depression?

Sharp knife calls me to inspect it's sharpness,
Those sleeping pill calls me to taste it's drowsiness,
The hanging fan calls me to prove its existence,
Oh God, these calls take me to a place where you don't reside.

Don't you feel any mercy, oh depression?

Oh dear! there are hundreds who love me,
And trillions who hate me,
Should I end up my life for the trillions,
Or live for the hundreds?
My head is like a spinning top as I live through this dilemma.

Don't you feel any mercy, oh depression?

As I go through the knives and pills,
I remember my parents who is with me still,
How can I forget the times when my friends never missed to make me smile.

But you oh depression!
Blindfolded me,
Made me think I am worthless, when I am not,
Made me feel I am unwanted, but I am not,
Now I command you,
Oh depression, to retreat,
And to never come back looking at me like a treat.

I am not alone oh depression!
I will break the chains you chained me up with,
I will rise from the pit you pushed me into,
I will come back with a new life,
And you will see me shine so bright, that'll hurt your eyes.

Oh! depression,
I want to see you walking with pensive head,
I want to see your plan going in vain,
I want to see you marching towards knives and pills,
And now,
I, don't feel any mercy oh depression!


  • Praiseworthy ….Keep posting…..
  • Well penned

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  • Thank you Guys!😘🥰

    Sharon Varghese
  • Amazing🧡keep going girl,it’s along way💃🏻

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  • Good one .Keep it up

    Dinu George Viju
  • Amazingly true


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