Anvi Bhansali

 I love you,she said

It’s an “obsession” he glared

Don’t say that, a puppy look in her eyes…

Little did she know, that love was all about lies


Don’t give me that look,he walked away,

You are just obsessed in each and every way,

There Is nothing left to say,

I don’t Wanna see you,let alone stay! 


She opened their old album,

Where they laughed and loved,

Nothing seemed to be bluffed…

Looking at it for one last time,

She burnt the memories with a beautiful smile.


He broke down in one corner of his room,

Obsession was not the right word used,

Because he knew he was lost in some other maze,

Where there was no road,no matter how far was his gaze.


Obsession was something that pulled them away,

Not her’s not his,

There was yet another prey..

Their love drowned,their friendship was lost,

She gained her respect,his life went for a toss,

Both of them feared separation,

Who knows what’s the final destination!


  • I can totally relate to this, oh my god. Please check out my blog https://mycaffeinediaries.wordpress.com/ it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • It’s beautiful! Very well written!

  • Relatable!! Not everytime does the mouth speak exactly what the heart speaks, and it hurts…

    Adya Srivastava
  • I liked how i can visualize each and every line if the poem. It is a great poem showing the sad side of falling in love has. You showed falling love is not always about being happy and in a fantasy world but it is also about heartbreaks. And i think you did a fantastic work.


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