Nothing Carnal

Gauri Vijay Salunke

Darkness, no matter how many times I blinked my eyes. Unforeseen, there was a sliver of light coming through, like a switch turned on. I walked towards it cautiously, entering a room. The moonlight seeping through the large windows was toning down the pitch-black darkness across the room. I realized I was not alone anymore. The beautiful chaos before me had me rooted to the spot. And I guess it was going to be a long night to endure.

They switched off the lights and drew the curtains for a reason. The reason was the burning souls in the room. The reason was love. Love which was causing combustion. The mingling breaths, sweat dripping down their skin and the occasional moans made words irrelevant in this ecstatic moment. Their intertwined souls made the atmosphere feel calmer.

She could see the love in his eyes, feel it. The care and the respect he had for her reflected from the way he held her in his warm embrace. She felt safe, protected and even more so, cherished. The love and affection she had for him, shined through her eyes. She knew he could read her very well. She wouldn't be anywhere else but in that room, in that moment and in his arms.

She was happy that their relationship had become stronger and even better. She was glad that she had met this man, this wonderful being, who had stolen her heart. Every caress, every kiss, every moment of that mesmerizing escapade would be etched on her mind forever. She had never been this elated and content in her life.

All this blissful mess couldn't let her sleep. Even in deep slumber, her man was able to put a smile on her face making her look all the more radiant. Just as she was taking everything in, eyes flickered open!

I woke up abruptly, breathless and baffled. I looked around to decipher, trying to soothe my wild heartbeat but there wasn't anything out of the ordinary. After a moment it unravelled that I was just dreaming; a very vivid dream.

Now wide awake, I could still feel the love of those two people in that room. Also a bit frustrated that I was not able to recollect their faces. Surprisingly, I didn't feel uncomfortable by those carnal visuals.

However, what I couldn't understand how I was able to feel her emotions, her mind when the girl in the dream was not me.

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