Not Just Another Day

By Swarali Patil
We were dancing to the beat of happiness
Afterall it was a friday night
Wasn't even aware that on the same day
My grandma was  having a death fight
After having  the friday fun
the clock finally struck one
But the night never seemed
 so restless , in a long run!
After so many failed attempts
of trying to sleep
I thought it would be a great idea
for memories to worship
I remembered about the gift I had planned
to give my grandma , a 'warm  cozy sweater'
For we have grown up in their hand knitted sweaters, I thought my gift would make her winter better
Distracted by some sound I pick up 
the phone that was vibrating on the floor
I went numb and my heart skipped a beat
when my brother informed our grandma is no more
Inducing a pang of guilt I felt the hands
of clock slapped me as it struck two
Tears had already started rolling
As I couldn't even say her  adieu
On our way home , I felt this is
some nightmare this cant be real!
The car raced fast, so did my heart
wondering if I've enough strength for this to deal
Life was so happening because of
all the love and food she made for us
But now what about the authentic recipe doubts?With whom would I discuss?
As I return back from home, for the first time
a lighter baggage felt a lot more heavier
I wondered about my childhood and said to myself , grandparents are the real saviours!


  • A heart touching poem indeed!

    Varsha Mishra
  • A heart touching poem indeed!

    Varsha Mishra
  • Touching ❤️

    Mahima Agrawal

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