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No Pain No Gain

Tamanna Rahaman Tamanna

O Pain!
The train of all gain!
The hours spent ; drenched in rain
Cherishing moments and then slain.
Words recollect past too near!
And they prick so deep dear!
But can't wreck me! Mere!
I'm my own.
No! No more to moan ;
I've been much grown.
Now be ready for my frown!
Charged with thunders and rain,
I'm coming to maintain ;
Ascribing to wield a pen.

O Pain!
The train of my gain!
The fears have all gone,
To the city of no return
The pains have struck me so keen
That now I can't be so mean.
You were the faithful angel of my soul
Whom you loved as yours own
The paths of togetherness are now closed
But still! Is it so?
We leave things to live!
And foment the moments in sieve
I am the energy to wake up and say
Yes You can! Don't dismay.

O Pain!
It's the train of all gain!
Believe in every aspects of thyself
And make a moment for ownself.
Presume yourself a gem
And achieve your own fame.
Life itself is a fancy of fantasies
Where both Pain and Rain--
Module the journey of anxieties;
You're a pure soul of affinity.
Don't mind if the weather seem peregrin
Just stay calm and feel the motto,
Time and tide won't stay akin.
To enhance your soul from the deep down nigh,
You have to reach the sky so high.

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