No more we

Sakshi jain

The pain he gave was not known by him
But what he did was not accepted by him
Things come like a miracle
Bring lots of light and hope
in  her despair life
But it was all her illusion
The trust she showed were not taken care by him
Wht he did was not accepted by him
Was she right to love a person
Who didnot care
Or was it her fault 
To loved him alot
He blamed her without any Reason
N she loved him without any reason
She gave her best but was not received the same
Their destiny might want them to be apart 
But her love for him will never apart
They r no more ,but she remembered their Happy days
Where both used to love and care but now it is no more
She is still hoping for that same days to come
But she also can't hurt herself again
Hope he understand her love one day but it will be too late.!!

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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