New York City

By Arushi Bansal


The plane touched down at JFK
My dream was finally happening that day.
We disembarked & hailed a taxi
My heart pounding, I sat in the backseat.
Through the car window I peeped
At the dazzling New York City, the city that never sleeps!
My jaw dropped at the first gaze
Everything was so perfect about that place-
From the sidewalks, streets and skyscrapers
To its people and that enticing atmosphere.

Day One was already beginning 
And there was so much on that to-do list.
Not a single second could I waste
Overcame jetlag, off we went in such haste!
Ferrying on the Hudson, it struck my head
It was like reliving the classic show; FRIENDS.
When Joey and Rachel went off for a sail
How she'd scold him for his repetitive fails.
All of the extravaganza of this river
The excitement almost made me quiver!

We went for a stroll on the Upper East Side
Just to get the town's magnificent vibe.
Next, it was the Brooklyn Bridge we roamed
I wanted to cross it and visit Humphrey's home.
Visited the Rockefeller, to the top all the way
The night time panorama took my breath away.
Ground Zero is a place I can never forget
So many tears it made us shed.
The 9/11 museum is so beautifully made
Memories of those brave souls will never fade.

My favourite thing about any tour is food
Dining at a fine joint, setting up the divine mood.
Sometimes we had meals at Chipotle
Or just grabbed street hotdogs like locals.
Wondering if I’d bump into Mike Ross and Harvey Specter
Celebrating after their kickass win with a coffee and a bagel.

The Battery Park was our next stop on day Four
To witness the wondrous Statue Of Liberty up close.
Experiencing the magnanimity of the lady in copper
It made me realize, Democracy has immense power.
The Central Park and The Natural History Museum were some other spots we saw
All in all, this marvellous city struck me with awe.

How can I forget the iconic Empire State,
Isn't it the location of Heaven gates?
Riordan's Percy Jackson accompanied me ofcourse
Up to the Six Hundredth floor, right into Olympus!
Yorktown's skyline from up there,
Has an effect on you, that I can't explain.
You forget about how your life is a mess
It just leaves you still and speechless.
I wished to bump into my Chuck Bass up above
Waiting for me with a bouquet to claim his love. 


We were staying on the spectacular Times Square

Describing it in words wouldn't even be fair.
It's the liveliest place I've ever seen
Life-sized LEDs gleaming upto dozens of feet.
Standing at a corner, I felt like an ant
While everything around me was a gigantic elephant!
M&M world is the dream of every child
Honestly, half the adults would also go wild inside.
A rainbow only has seven colours, no more
but M&Ms? they have a million more.

Visiting New York, I had to do the cliché alright
the trip felt incomplete without INY merchandise.
An aura like Manhattan's, nowhere else to be found
That architecture, those pathways & showrooms- it just leaves you spellbound.
Walking down the streets, you won't feel foreign or unknown
New York City's warmth makes you instantly feel home.

The entire stay in York was so fine
I am sure, this is what they call cloud nine.
I couldn't believe, time to depart had come already
Wasn't it yesterday, we took the Hudson ferry?
I left New York to carry on with my tour of the States
"I will come back someday" I promised my fate.
And when I come, it'll be for a longer time
I wouldn't be carrying a return ticket the next time!\

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 

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