New year can be like a new life

By Kumud Jain
New Year Resolution
For nincompoops, its a delusion
For the audacious, its a goal
But to accomplish, you need to have balls.
They say the year is changed
But people remain the same.
I say," don't cry over spilt milk,
IRS not a rigmorale
You can make your own bed of silk."
'Read 100 books this year'
Yes, that's my resolution.
Sans a chagrin of fear,
With assiduous celerity,
I am gonna finish this year with a cheer.
There is thrill, suspense, betrayals and love,
In the comfort of my little alcove.
It takes you to a different world, a different dimension,
Away from the raucous society
You feel a smidgen of amelioration.
That's way
I wanna dive into the seas of emotions,
Embrace the beauty of words,
Walking through the aisles of library,
High on the smell of books.
New year can be like a new life
Waste it and destroy it 
Or create it and love it!

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