My Utopia

Sneha Asthana

Woke up one morning, scared, baffled yet calm
I had dreamt a dream last night that filed the warmth in my palm 
A dream so perfect, it gave me the chills
Not only in my spine but every organ it filled 
Every person was filled with wisdom in my dream 
I was not given the titles that now have been deemed. 
I dreamt of my house now being a home 
No space for the love to go out as if guarded by a gnome
My problems looked like the petals of a flower
The dust removed from which, by my love which was their shower
In that little paradise, we were our own King and Queen
The crowns were our hearts with our smiles their sheen 
For a second it felt as if I was watching an animated movie
Then my I heard my brain say 'go beyond, my girl, your imagination's not so weak!'
Walking ahead in my utopia, I see
There's a relief in every breath I breathe 
Walking, talking and moving carelessly 
Renegades that we were of our own normalcy
Lesser woes and jealousy
It was okay to live life aimlessly
Somehow everybody seemed to relax a little longer
There existed no evil to get stronger 
I dreamt of taste in the simplest food and satisfaction in the tiniest gulp
I dreamt of kids neither with their phones nor with Edison's bulbs
Everyone enjoyed the company of people in my dream
Happy was the only feeling, we all believed in that extreme. 
I woke up to the best feeling I had felt in a long time
A reality unexisting but it was entirely mine
I wish to live the way I lived in my fantasy
Lets raise a toast to everything happening perfectly!


  • So beautifully expressed. Keep writing and stick to your imaginations ( they have a subtle tone of a fancy voice ). Kudos, Sneha ❤️

    Shalini Donthi
  • Really meaningful and in depth showing true feelings of love Amazing .Keep it up.


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