My Superpower

Life is a series of worst days nowadays
A worst day followed by another worst day
And sometimes it rains
I feel like hanging my withered heart in the terrace,
and let these drops seep in and give it life again.
I often try to wake up in the morning
Telling myself probably today the chain will break
But sadness pours in like rain after days of cloudy, humid days
I rinse my eyes
Sit up for breakfast
Bread and my favorite peanut butter
The butter tastes like anxiety layered on my body
And the peanuts are sour like tears
I stand under the shower
Warm water streams down on my skin until steam rises up
I do that quite often nowadays and for long durations
Hoping the hopelessness will escape with steam.
It stays,
stays, cold and rigid
The more it freezes inside, the more my life melts down
My choco-chip ice cream like life melting in this globally warm world
Before I even stuck my tongue to savour it.
So then I climb on my bed,
 bury myself beneath the layers of blankets
and scream.
Screams, the soundless ones because there is a heap of words inside me but neither the air or desire to gush them out.
I lie there and wait until everything silences
Everything, except my heart stitched loosely on my rib cage
This heart, my superpower
This God damn rebel heart that refuses to give up,
Believes in silver linings,
And though I am exhausted
We still go on through day or night , plain or rough;
" lub dub lub dub lub dub"
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Superpower'


  • Lots of love …. Keep going

    Pooja Bohra
  • Keep progressing day by day….
    U were able t capture emotions beautifully n with deep imact

    Sapna Goyal
  • So well written👍🏼😊

    Preeti Kulegi
  • You are my favorite since from school days. You don’t know me but I know you.
    And no words can actually define the real purity of this art.

    Lots of love.

  • This is really nice! Keep writing!

    Kavya Venkateshwaran

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