My Side of Story

Onisha Murab

Hold me captive in

your little fort of hate,

Keep me alive in

your burning rage

Burn my soul in

your self made hell

Blame me for all the reasons

that made you fell

Kill me in your heart

remove me from your past

Hold me in your delerium

help me exist in your future

Forget me in your dreams

remember me in your screams

Let me flow in your tears

use me to let go of your fears

Forgive me in your lies

hate me in truth

Let me thaw in your cries

watch me grow as time flies

Hide me in your darkness

run from me in light

Call me heartless

But in your arms hold me tight

Let my memories exist

in your make believe betrayal

Now pull that barrel

go,take your revenge

leave me to rot in your bygone

move on with all your will

Then choose your next pray

and get ready for the kill

lucky you got my heart to break

but I have the glue of my hopes to keep it tight

Don't ask me now if you were sent

with your amount of pain reserved

Cause darling what happened

to the love I deserved ??

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