My Saffron Love


My saffron love

I spent years in unfriendly monotony
There was no rapture
My life was a dry pond
But the day you entered
Into my sunless life
I lost my senses
You had adorable pearly eyes
Fresh rosy lips and rainstorm hair.
Your breasts were magnolia buds
You killed me with your captivating smile
Melted away my intoxicated heart
I kissed your moon face
I drank honey from your
Seductive juicy lips
Your scent made me hungry
I put my head
On your magnolia buds
You started moaning for more
We unclothed each other
And I satisfied the hunger
Of the tulip hidden between your thighs
I became a pond full of romantic water
Not only our naked bodies
But also our souls united.


  • Beautifully designed.

  • Thank you all!!!

  • It’s simply heart toching,

  • Nice one fabolus and speech less yaar really adorable taar

    ASHVINi Singh
  • Wow…. Didn’t c tht coming….. Really enjoyed it.

  • Beautifully bold!!!!


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