My pie in the sky

By Aadrita Das

"Roads may diverge, storms may pass,
To veer not, but to hold tight like the weft will what make me strong.
They say the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams, 
I say, the geode in me, dares to have those dreams.
I crave for the sky, so far, yet, paints the world with its colours,
I wish to reach up a mountain, hear my own echo of voice as I remind myself of the bucket full of to- do's.
I fancy to dive into the deepest of waters, so harsh, yet, where life rules. 
To leave a scintilla of unalloyed fortitude,
To spite none, but to give back in tonnage.
Take me not as a shale, 
Or my bravura as a jest,
For they who rule, are the ones who dare.
Call me a loony, but someday, my interminable abstracts will show through me, because,
I believe in dreams !"
recites a girl with eyes having glints of hope, and a smile you could never get enough of.
And as the lady, with tears, different from the ones caused by the chopped onions, solve the maze of her angst,
It was one of those moments, when a Mother looks up to her Daughter, proudly, and repeats,
"Daughters dare to dream too !"


  • Good poetry

    Raju choudhary
  • I don’t remember the last time I read something as good as your poem ( Face With Hand Over Mouth Emoji )

  • wow…what a choice of words…

  • Lovely poem! I enjoyed, “Daughters dare to dream too”. Fantastic!

    Priti Yadav
  • Your journey to the land of poetry is really fantastic.. Your creativity and imaginative power is really praiseworthy.

    Minakshi Baruah
  • This is great. A beautiful and powerful piece of poetry ! Keep up the good work!

  • An absolutely amazing poem. You really do have mad skills with a pen!!..flows really nicely…painted a picture..perfect poem written perfectly.

    suraj borah
  • The images you paint with the words is absolutely fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  • Great write up with a great message

    sheena chugh
  • Amazing

    Manas Pratim Baruah
  • Good poetry with very solid message. Keep it up.

    Prantik Kakati

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