My Grandma

By Cleverson Khongwir

I remember I was 11 years old

It was winter, yes it's freezing cold.

I remember I was sleeping with my grandmother,

"Mei" is the word I use to call her.

I remember I was having exam the next day,

Not fully prepared, I'm scared of being blown away.

I remember I set up the alarm without telling her,

But I woke up with the light smell of fire.

I remember when I woke up, a warm tea was ready,

My "Mei", stayed up all night just for me.

It's 2020 now and it was 2012 then,

My Mei's love for me is the same as I was eleven.

That's why every new year, when it's winter, when it's cold,

I just wished she will never grow old.

But Time is unforgiven, I know that,

Along with wishes I need to work hard,

To accomplish my dream which is hers too

And I hope God will help me get through,

So that one day when she go away leaving her son,

She'll leave with a smile. That's my new year's resolution.


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