My Antics

By Paarijat Dey

An inkling of sanity in an ocean of chaos 

A muffled sigh in a limitless void
I feel the pain of being an idealist 
I feel vain even in this crowded space
A bunch of sorrows 
A bunch of cries
I stand here looking at my smile's demise
I reach out for an anchor 
And there appears to be none 
As I hold onto myself 
I feel a little overdone
I like to think that the world is kind
I dream of a place with people of sound mind
I like to think that I matter
I dream of a place where my feelings don't have to scatter. 
And with this ode to me I'd like to live 
In a world where I'm not the only one to give.
With an inkling of sanity in this chaotic chapter
I sigh with stress
How did the world get so depressed?


This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 


  • Okay this is way too beautiful. I love the fact that I know you. You write beautifully. Thank You.

  • Ooof damn girl. Woah.


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