My Anecdote

By Shagun Jain

My anecdote...

Uncovering the inner me was hard,
Mob was seeing me as tard;
Inspite, I never wore the veil of remorse,
My wife was my only power source;
It’s not that I discovered the pure me during my childhood world, teens territory or adulthood town,
I unearth it when my painter wife asked me to pose like a female model in that pretty red silk gown;
We started to take it as a game,
Dressing me like a girl, going to ball and earning that beautiful lady fame;
Sooner we realised, it’s not at all fun,
Most eligible bachelor of city had fallen for me in the long run;
My agitated wife took me to to a psychologist,
The doctor dumped me into the nightmare of barely visible life’s mist;
Devastated me, was forced to become a sedentary,
Leaving my wife, living alone was some of the billion thoughts I found scary;
In the hell of gloom,
I found an angel who would helped me to bloom;
We met another doctor,
Male to female sex reassignment surgery was done and he was it’s proctor;
He warned me about the life threatening outcome,
But the influence of pure me was having greater sum;
Risking my life to death was not at all a bad decision,
The pure me was taking birth with each and every incision;


  • A tad too anguishing. But, that’s the whole point. Leaves me in wonder.

  • Nice poem with heart touching words, step by step paired beautifully, explainable presentation, leads to complete a topic like Decision optimisation.
    This is your one new hidden characteristic.
    God bless Dear Shagun ??

    Dr Sanjay Jain
  • Sad and touching poem. Great play of words as well as enticing storyline.

    Keshav Upadhyay

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