mirage of abundance

karnika chauhan

Indulgence loves both,
The reckless and the romantic,
The addiction and the distraction,
Both likes its own.

Supertramp and Pygmalion,
Both having modesty in their desires,
Intense and unbearable quest,
just to find the youth.

self-absorption and anxieties,
Of dreams coming to life,
Like a mirage,
Closer you get farther you feel.

Not long ago,
pride was in our close-knit relationships,
Worshipped god in the simple,
Like lilies growing in a field.

Today, God seem to have a perfect picture,
One in every size, for everyone,
in rooms of all kinds,
why are we then less Zen?

Most expensive shoes and jeans
Still never can we catch up with trend
Piling away so much in the void
Only to feel it getting wider

my mind corrects me
Should have wary from the start
but we are blinded by desires, we wouldn’t
we could have pieced together, we couldn’t

the contract promises security
comes with beauty, quite lovely
flowy hair and crystal eyes
not merciful, yet constant

the relationship is aloof and strange
constant in some variety
a timeless irony
yet so quick to grasp

mirage of abundance
on its own throne now
gifted by your choice
lets hoard, more and more

Abundance soon becomes misery
both say so much in their unknown tongue
striving on self-doubt
we speak that better now

bringing hardly any joy
but absence of suffering
orchestrating our lives
indulgence strives

don’t fit in here
where people are getting more educated day by day
still more destruction day by day
why should you fit in?

confusing happiness for
purchase and consumption
creating so much noise
yet alienation and indifference

our choice gave them the power
but soon the pleadings go unanswered
sadder but wiser
will be choose to move on?


  • You’ve put together something so complex and deep, so beautifully! <3

  • Mind blowing!!!

    Aditi yadav
  • Beautifully written !

    Himani Bishnoi

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