Me and My Reveries

By Aryan Somesh Gupta

What if animals walked on feet
And could speak with tact
With high Intelligence Quotients
To think and to act ...

Humans suspended on trees
Grew in a field
Like fruits and vegetables
Harvested as a yield ...

For anyone to pluck
To nibble or to bite
For insects to crawl on them
With snakes at night ...

Animals could pluck us
And become so joyous
To sacrifice us on an altar
Like a ritual pious ...

Our skin sheared with knives
While animals clapped with joy
In the name of festivals
Treating humans as a toy...

The gush of human blood
Going down the drain
The animals enjoying
Inflicting agony and pain ...

Humans crying in despair
Screaming to spare their lives
Then surrendered their heads
As animals sharpened their knives ....

Human flesh cut open
The guts all out
Emptying the veins
Ignoring the shouts ...

Humans roasted on fire
To savour the meat
The animals so delighted
Anticipating a treat ...

What if it happened
To our near and dear
The thought gives me shivers
I tremble in fear ...

We kill for pleasure
For rituals,food and fun
Well if it was our turn
Would we stay or run ...

We have become so heartless
Pure souls so rare to find
We are the devils here
In the skin of mankind ...

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