Himani Sachdeva

I watched as two water droplets raced down my window
The kid in me was rooting for ‘my droplet’
Eventually they became one and slid down together

Maybe that’s who I am
A rain drop – craving and seeking a love so pure and beautiful
That souls intertwine and grow.

Maybe I am the nothingness of the sky.
The kind which you can stare into for hours and still not get tired.

Maybe I am the breeze.
Embracing everyone but embraced by none.

Maybe I am the sun.
Bright and warm from afar but burning by itself.

Maybe I am a candle.
Throwing light at others in the darkest hours
Even if it means losing myself bit by bit.

Maybe I am a mirror.
Showing the truth but screaming the lies.

Maybe I am a flower in a child’s hand.
Pretty but plucked.

Maybe I am a rose petal in that man’s wallet.
Beautiful but forgotten.

Maybe I am a baby’s cry.
Loud and painful.

Maybe I am time.
Precious and irrevocable.

Maybe I am a mountain.
High and Mighty but immovable.

Maybe I am a hurricane.
Wrecked by my own recklessness.

Maybe I am just human
For I chase and seek answers to unanswerable questions.

Or maybe I am this poem I just wrote.
Sensible but senseless.

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