Maybe you were the sedative stroke amidst the weather so fervid, 
Maybe you were the heart's long urged desire,
Maybe you were the rumination to soothe the inner self,
Maybe these eyes could envision paradise, melded into the quirky spark...
Is it love or solace to the soul!
Or is the deadening of your absence, a way to refine the ride!
For love has no limitations, no expectations to hold, 
Yet blood drips from impaired thoughts,
Chained into memories nurtured day and night...
Though today, We exist, but only in memories, 
Locked within the cage of beats throbbing...
The heart evermore images an ethereal shoulder...
For you, while it was a mere splash of tide, barely moistened shore, 
It dashed onto the shore of my mind, eyes drenched, heavy with dreams 
Unlikely to content... 
Maybe the transient thoughts might never cross your mind again,
But, my imaginative room shall always preserve that vacant edge... 
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Breakup'

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