May we choose the "woman we are becoming" over everything

Riya Handa

When you choose HER over everything, you know that your purpose has a greater meaning. By pursuing your passion and allowing your light to shine, you encourage other women to do the same.

"The woman you're becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces, and material things. Choose her over everything." ~Anonymous

I read this quote a few years ago and has been my desktop wallpaper for quite a long time. I never came to know who wrote this but yes, it ended up changing my life for good. As a woman, may it be any role, daughter, wife, mother, we are constantly giving, and sometimes, to our own detriment.

We will never hear a lot of voices in society that support women standing up for themselves. There are rare people who will remind us to take care of ourselves, to love ourselves. If I hadn’t I absorbed this quote in my mind, I might never have become what I am today. Sometimes, there are a few virtuous roles that demand our attention. But, it’s fine to say no to good in our lives to say yes to a great one. Have the courage to take that risk.

All I want to convey is that if you have been hardwired to neglect yourself just for the benefits of others, take this quote your permission slip to care about YOU. Consider it a pass to chase your dreams again. You are worth it!

Let me reveal a secret about the women who simply keep moving forward.

So, here the thing is: We all should simply keep moving in one direction and that direction is moving forward. Keep going, no matter if you have a bunch of people celebrating you or not because you will always celebrate yourselves. Celebrate yourselves in your happiness and in your sadness. Celebrate yourselves in your wins and your losses.

Yes, we should love to be loved but we don’t turn into ashes if we are not. Simply keep moving, with or without people. Stare at challenges in the face, shamelessly. Often wink and smile at them.

You see, we feel too deep, too often but that does not make us invisible when things go down the drain. Because, believe it or not, like it or not, women like us keep moving. It’s not in our plan to quit. Women like us are here to stay. Look at us shine or look away, we won’t apologize for twinkling like the brightest star in the sky!

I agree, we all have basic life duties, some of which may include the care and feeding of others... but sometimes we may need to become a bit selfish in order to make sure we have enough energy to take care and love ourselves and tend to our own aspirations. So, here's to women, may we choose the "woman we are becoming" over everything.


  • Impressive ❤️
    Keep it up

    Shibu kashyap
  • Well narrated…..lets choose the women we r becoming over everything…

    Sakshi sharma
  • Well narrated…..lets choose the women we r becoming over everything…

    Sakshi sharma

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