Masked lust

Shivanshee Rathore

Grace did not know that she was being watched through her next-door neighbour’s window. She was enjoying reading under the harsh sun reluctant on getting a good tan. Strangers would have guessed that her cheeks were red due to the sun but not Natalia. No, Natalia, she knew everything about this seductress. She even knew how Grace liked her breakfast and which genre of books she enjoyed the most, so it was not hard for her to guess that Grace was reading something carnal while looking so innocent.

Natali was mesmerised by the smallest of actions of this temptress. Oh, how perfect her hazel frame looked. With a white dress and lilies in her hair, she resembled a femme fatale. All these details were only making Natalia impatient by every minute. She desperately wanted her husband to leave so she could join Grace and maybe steal a kiss or two if she was brave enough today. Her thoughts came to a halt after she heard her husband scream for his wife. But before she could slip away, Grace had caught Natalia red-handed. But the later did not have much time to react so she grabbed the briefcase and rushed to kiss her husband goodbye so her lips could be free to meet with the seductress.

It was not the first time that Natalia was peeking outside her window to see the younger. The good wife loved her husband and was left satisfied every time they shared heat on their bed at midnight. But nourishing her job alongside her marriage was taking a toll over her and soon the passion her husband devoured her with started to wither away. After Grace shifted in the neighbourhood, she already knew what she wanted to explore with the older wife, but the real task was making the other realise it.

Since the wife’s afternoons were not crowded by her husband’s presence, she and Grace were able to spend a lot of time together, just like they would today. Natalia kissed her husband goodbye and waited until his car had exited her vision. Grace had noticed the farewell and stretched so the wife could satisfy her eyes. Her dress rode up as she sat over the grass and spread her legs as Natalia made her way over to her. Natalia was determined to claim Grace today, but the younger’s serene smile almost made her revert her decision.
Natalia angled herself towards Grace and sat next to her.

“How long do we have today?” Grace asked as her one hand was making circles over Natalia’s bare legs.

“Not long. An hour maybe.”

“We must hurry then.” Grace instructed as she climbed over Natalia quickly.

The wife did not notice how quick Grace was and soon realised that she was pinned down by this seductress. Natalia pressed her thighs together as she licked her lips looking at the seductress. They both knew how wet they both were, but Grace liked to have her fun. She licked Natalia’s lips, never kissing them, and started to bite her neck making the wife moan softly. Thank the lord! There were only two cottages here otherwise the sexual act that was about to happen would be a crime.

Natalia moaned as Grace sucked her neck softly almost tickling her with her tongue. Her one hand was pinning the wife down as the other was lowering towards her bosoms. Grace was deliberately slow today as she took Natalia’s one bosom in her hand to massage it slowly over her dress. The rhythm between sucking and massaging was creating havoc in the wife’s body. She was frustrated that Grace was not touching her skin. For some reason, the scenario of being this intimate with Grace so out in the open was making her moist. Grace stopped massaging the older as she went further down to devour her nipples with her mouth over the fabric. She grabbed her bosom by one hand to direct it to her mouth while the other had left her hands to feel Natalia’s waist. Grace was sure that her dress was no longer covering her vagina, so she directed Natalia’s one hand to her hole to feel the younger’s moistness. The older obliged as she almost instantly inserted her finger making Grace moan over her nipple. Natalia started moving her fingers faster going deeper at every thrust making Grace bite her nipples hard. The younger was getting impatient now as she left Natalia’s bosom and started riding Natalia’s finger. Natalia massaged her clit with her thumb as her two fingers were making this seductress unravel in front of her.

“Faster”, Grace said as she was on the verge of being undone, but Natalia had different plans. As soon as Grace was about to be done, she pulled her hand away from her core. Grace almost screamed out of frustration but instead, she just kissed the wife harshly. Natalia responded with just the same force and when they were both out of breath, she told Grace to strip.

A simple instruction had almost made Grace’s core drip as Natalia was never the one to give instructions, but she was never going to deny if she did give her one now. She stood up from Natalia’s frame and lowered the straps of her dress slowly. Natalia was looking at Grace with nothing but lust which encouraged the younger to tease her while she undressed. Grace dropped her dress to the ground standing completely naked in front of the wife. She looked beautiful and raw as she lowered her hands to her bosoms. She massaged them and moaned shamelessly. Her head was turned up so she could not look at the wife as she was lost pleasuring herself. Natalia pulled her dress up to her stomach so she could put her fingers inside her vulva while looking at Grace pleasure herself.

Grace’s one hand travelled down to her vagina as she opened her legs wider. She inserted one finger in herself moaning softly and started circular motion around her bud while the other hand was pinching her nipple. She was biting down at her lower lip to control her moans as she rubbed herself slowly. Turning her head down, she looked at Natalia. She was half-dressed and out of breath by pleasuring herself as she looked at Grace’s hand work wonders. Grace locked her eyes with Natalia as she increased her hand movement, rubbing and inserting vigorously. Natalia mirrored her actions as her mouth opened due to the pleasure she felt. They were both close to their undoing but before Natalia could flick her finger over her bud, Grace rushed towards her and sat on her face and her
mouth landed on Natalia’s core.
They both were dripping already and were sensitive at this point, they knew a few more minutes and their reward would be granted so they licked and sucked each other with everything they had. With their mouths buried between each other’s thighs, they were a moaning mess. Natalia inserted her tongue into Grace and as the other moaned loudly into Natalia’s core, Natalia went faster. Grace did the same and they both were unstoppable. After a few minutes, Grace could not control it any longer and her liquid burst over Natalia’s lips which made Natalia squeeze around Grace’s tongue and release her climax as well.

Both the women laid over the grass for a few minutes collecting themselves, but Natalia had to rush. Her husband could come back at any minute and before that, she had to get back to her house. Natalia stood up as she palmed her dress while Grace got dressed again. Natalia straightened Grace’s hair with her hands as her husband’s car entered her vision.
She almost gasped when she saw him climb out of the car and walk towards them. Her heart was beating as fast as it was when Grace was on top of her seconds ago. What if he saw them, she thought? Would her marriage be ruined now?

Her husband reached where the two ladies stood and kissed his wife on her head. Grace smiled as she greeted him and shook his hand.

“I think you have a sunburn, Ms Felling. Your cheeks seem flushed.”, Natalia’s husband said to Grace. Natalia’s breath got caught up in her throat as she looked ghastly towards Grace. But thankfully Grace was much more composed than she was.

“I was running and ran out of water Mr Forbes. Nothing to worry about my skin is just sensitive. I better go and take care of my cookies. They must be done by now.”

Natalia could breathe again as her husband and her parted ways from Grace. But she still had to cover the hickey on her neck that was covered by her husband’s hand on her shoulder for now. But she could not help the giggle that escaped her lips as she thought how she claimed Grace today.


  • Always knew your writing is too good….

  • I don’t know what to say… You make me proud. Keep it up bruh. And also keep guessing who i am!

    Just someone.
  • always knew you were a sucker for content like this :)

  • Just wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😲.

    You Know Who I Am.

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