Mama always knew.

Ayesha Mohammadi Hashmi 
My right knee has this scar
A curve upwards
Almost like an incomplete smile
An uncanny resemblance to nostalgia 
Chasing my siblings in the park
Knocking my sister down
Checked if our pyjamas covered the scratches
Because Mama shouldn't know
Tears and laughter, so much in the eyes
And Mama prepared a sweet dish that day 
For Mama always knows
For Mama, we never grow
A new restless chase on earth
And life often knocks me down
I do get up and stand tall
But my eyes, they have this blank stare
To a distant memory 
To the unrestrained childhood
No hiding the scars now
And sometimes breaking down in front of her
For Mama always knows 
For Mama, we never grow 


  • Impressed by the way you expressed the most intimate relation of the universe through imagery, alliteration and remarkable speech.

    Simran (Stoic)
  • I loved the wwayyou focussed on the most intimate relation of the universe, of a mother and daughter.

    Simran Takkar (Stoic)
  • I love your words. From the heart, to the heart. One feels connected from the start to the end. Hope to see more of your works. :)

    Anam Naseem
  • Then, now, and forever. Mumma always knows. Great piece of writing.

    Rasaghna Gaini

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