Magic and Myth

Sanjana Venuturupalli

Magic was different thousands of years ago. It was more, fun it was darker, it was dangerous. The witches and wizards of 3000BC were not afraid of danger. They dwelled in dark arts. Magic wasn't, hidden from the world nor, was it feared. Humans marveled at the power of their counterparts. Five thousand years ago, people were different. They were far more progressive then now. Then everything changed.

As magic occurred in its darkest of forms, there were a few who wanted to rise above it all.
They craved power, a power that ruled over even magic.
Amongst these soccer's was one young boy with exceptional power and a wicked mind. The boy was called Marvolo. He was the youngest of them all, so they underestimated him.
"Still a boy," they'd say whenever he performed admirable, witchery. They wouldn't include him in their higher plans as if he didn't prove himself already.
Marvolo wasn't going to sit around and wait. He wanted to rise to greatness. So, he decided he would meet Reubin, the oldest most powerful wizard, although he didn't look much older than 35 human years. Marvolo would convince Reubin to include him in his plans. The rumor was they're planning on kidnapping the human king's general this time. To perform experients, of course.
Reubin wanted eternal power. To contain such power, one needs to be able to live for that long. Reubin's experiments gave him the ability to live for 200 years. After living for two hundred years he decided, that wasn't an eternity. He wanted more, but he had not found any way to fulfill his dreams.
Marvolo joined him because he wanted to work with Reubin. But months after he joined him, he was never called for a meeting. He only saw him from afar as he came and went.
So that evening, Marvolo decides to meet Reubin in his living quarters. He knocks on the double doors. Wizards didn't need guards, they, had protection spells.
"Who is it?" came Reubin's voice,
Marvolo knocks again, the doors open and, Marvolo enters. The doors close.
Seconds turn to minutes and, so time goes on. After what seemed too long to us and too short for Marvolo, the doors open again. Marvolo exits the room, the doors close behind him.

Now, Marvolo is very angry. Anger isn't good for witches or wizards even, for they do the worst things when they are bitter.
Marvolo's anger is far more dangerous because he has decided onto something.
Something that would change history, and it's future.
He was tired of being underestimated again and again.
He walks towards his room. His meeting with Reubin only proved that they all see him as a child. They were all wrong. Even Reubin, blinded by his ambitions and quest for power, did not realize that sometimes the greatest of powers were right in front of him.

Marvolo locked himself in his room. His fellow wizards and witches left him thinking, Marvolo was upset about his meeting with Reubin and soon forgot about him. They left him food on his door every day. Meanwhile, Marvolo was creating the greatest weapon to ever exist.
Locked in a room in a dungeon of a hidden cottage Marvolo performed his own set of experiments. Day's passed and, time became fluid. Months pass but, Marvolo wouldn't come out of his room. Now, they stopped their occasional knocking. The only indication of his being alive was the empty plates found every day outside his chamber.
And then the door's to his chamber's open. It has been exactly a year and a day since they were last wide opened. Marvolo stepped out as an elf placed plates filled with food under his door.
Marvolo looked different hair longer and, he a little taller eyes sharper as if he had grown wiser. It seemed like he just shaved for the first time in months.
He pulled out a wand from his pocket, something he hadn't had before. Wands were only possessed by the powerful wizards. The next scene's happened, so fast, not even time could conjure its images. He pointed it at the elf and spoke a spell that was never spoken and, the life of the elf transferred into Marvolo. Then it was known the wand wasn't just any wand. It was a weapon conjured to turn itself on the owner's command and the life-span of the victim transfers to the killer.

In the next few hours, everyone including, Reubin, is killed and, their life transferred to Marvolo's body. Marvolo was far more powerful than he was before, and he was always quite powerful. The horrific events of that day ought not narrated any further.
Years pass Marvolo moves from land to land killing and, living. The word of his greatness spreads among witches and humans alike. They come to challenge him for duels. Some old, some powerful, many stupid. As Marvolo's legend grows, people start to fear him in fearing him they start, fearing magic.
Many hundreds of years later, Marvolo, is challenged yet again. He doesn't know who it is that challenged him this time but, he accepts. He meets his opponent, where it was decided, an open ground on top of a hill above a cave. His opponent is a witch with red hair like fire and magnificent blue-green eyes. Marvolo finds himself admiring her beauty.
He also desires not to kill her but, its too late.
"If I may ask, what is your name?" He says before he can stop himself.
She smirks as if what he said was very funny.
"Nicassia," she replies
Marvolo only nods he is now, afraid of saying something he shouldn't. He doesn't like how he is feeling.
The duel starts. Pointing wands at each other, they walk in circles. Niccassia hits with a spell her wand emitting red light against Marvolo's blue as he fights back. She is quite powerful but not enough to overpower Marvolo.
Soon the blue light overpowers the red but, she doges and hits again. The red and blue sparks dance around each other.
Was it possible to fall in love during a duel? Would that be romantic? Marvolo finds himself thinking. Her beauty entices him. Her power astonishes him. But they are locked in a fight where only one shall thrive.
For the first time in his life, Marvolo regrets his decisions for he, cannot die.
The woman hits him with a killing spell that slips off from his chest like nothing. She is too shocked then, Marvolo hits her with his unusual spell.
He closes his eyes at the feeling of her life filling him. The sensation is so beautiful he can never get used to it.
But soon, realizes he can't open his eyes. A trick, Now he understands in killing the woman he unlocked another spell. He was, trapped as a statue. But Marvolo 's lifespan is longer than they can imagine. The curse won't hold for that long. He will wake again. But his precious weapon would be lost and his story forgotten.

The spell wears off a few centuries later. Marvolo wakes up in a century where magic is a myth and sorcerers mare tales.


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