Lovely today- The modified yesterday

By Garima Singh Nahar

The sparkle of my eyes brightened with the glory of your rejoice
The poise of my words resonating with the cadence of your voice 
The edging of my wisdom with the perception your peculiarities propound
the extremes of my moods modulating with the vehemence of your around
The depth of your anxiety following the singularity of my silence
The bounce of your laughter revealing the delight of my pleasance
The usual spread of coherence and the rare dominance of doubts
Your perception of my few perceptions or not a few near abouts
The stunning pace of events coupled with the abruptness of the dates
The transient existence of a sequence of resonating fates
The decorum of that persona or the veracity of this phase
Colliding conjectures, both too mercurial to embrace
Different, yet same, to my dismay
Contradicting realities bridging yesterday and today!

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  • “Contradicting realities bridging yesterday and today!”

    Amazing line! Amazing poem!

    Gaurav Dayam

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