Love Songs & Lullabies


Things have changed, I'm aware of it. But I wonder, what do you feel when she calls out your name. Does your face light up like that of a child on a Christmas morning? Does your heart skip a beat when she looks at you with all the love unleashed?
Does she cook you your favorite meal on Saturday mornings? A loaf of bread with a sunny side up and some bacon and fries?
Do you look at her with the same intense passion with which you looked at me? 
I remember how I used to get weak in the knees whenever you kissed me. Does she react the same way?
Does she call you lover or babe, or does she, just like me, calls you by some funny nickname? Does she hold your hand like a child that is learning to walk for the first time? Does she play you her favorite songs on the guitar every night to help you fall asleep? I know I used to do that, and also I know that highway to hell doesn't really work as a lullaby. But you used to look at me with so much of love and joy. I wonder if you look at her the same way. Does she cry when a dog in some movie dies? Does she enjoy watching horror movies at night? Does she surprise you the way I used to? Placing sticky notes on the wall, and leaving love notes next to your pillowcase. 
Does she write your name in the form of poetry? I doubt that. Because once you've been loved by a writer, you won't chase someone who is fascinated by the written word. 
The thoughts that reached my pen, they escape from her lips everyday. And it's funny, that is exactly what took you away.


  • Thank you so much.

  • So beautifully written. Both Heartbreaking and heart melting at the same time. ?

    Aishwarya garg
  • The title of the poem, and the first line never leaves you until you reach the ending.
    Especially the line “once you’ve been loved by a writer, you won’t chase someone who is fascinated by the written word.”
    This is beautifully woven.


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