Love or Luv

By Rashi Gupta

Love like us millennials do

Wait for the sun to go down

And stare at the screen

Strain your ears to hear the notification tune

Feverishly type away into the night

While sipping a cold one

Send an ‘ILY’ along with a million hearts

Yellow faces with heart eyes

Entire chain of XOXO’s.

Wait for acknowledgement.



Dress up, visit fancy joints.


Pretend for yourself, pretend for the world.


Showcase the materialism

Shower the ‘Luv’

Spread the ‘Happy-ness’


Come closer, only to want space

Break apart, because who knows how to mend anyway?

Move away. Move farther. Move on.


Another night. Another cup.

New notification tune.

Take a sip.

Let the ‘Luv’ begin.


  • Woww…reality of today’s relationships! Amazing work!!

  • You have captured the present state of courtships very well.

    Radeesh Parameshwaran
  • Wow, the meaningless pursuit of ‘luv’ in this digital age is so beautifully captured by this gem of a poem. A lovechild of romanticism and social commentary, it’s a rare feat that lets people who don’t get their own hypocrisy to validate themselves

  • Woah…..its Amazing how u create a picture of the bitter truth…keep up the good work..!!!


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